North/South Carolina

We decided to get the hell outta dodge for the weekend, so we stuck the dawgs up in their doggie hotel, tossed some food on the floor for the cats, and motored up north for the weekend. The plan? Explore Asheville, and generally scope out the goodies in the southern bits of North and South Carolina. Some things went as planned. Others didn’t. We didn’t get to check out everything we wanted, but what we did get to see was all-good.

Happy hummingbird cold chillin’ on the feeder out on E-Rawk’s parents deck.

And his buddy on a nearby feeder.

Mountains and whatnot.

Right down the road from naughty spoon pass.

I need to look on the map, as I don’t recall the name of this creek/river. It ran parallel to the parkway. We tromped around in it for awhile. It was cold; my toes were unhappy campers after awhile.

Slamalander, catchin’ some rays on the beach.

Pretty. It widened out considerably down the road apiece.

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Seems the slamalanders practice safe sex.

Big ole waterfall down the road a bit. Too many people here for my taste, but it seemed like big fun. I remained on dry land.

That dude out there just beyond the falls had two very happy retrievers with him. Can you see the golden one in the picture?

AWww… a wainbow!

Right! On to Triple Falls, in Transylvania North Carolina. Count ’em…

Took some doing to get near the top fall. Mad props to Demanda, who scaled the rocky face with determination, vigor, and only minimal concerns for safety.

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Lookin’ down from one of the falls.

Demanda’s goin’ for the money shot.

Unfortunately, some creepy dude got in the way.

Shooting the middle fall.

The middle fall again.

Remember; do not climb on the rocks.
Ummm… whups.

Bloomin’ flowers!

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The top two falls.

It jus’ keepa goin’ down down down…

The oh-so creepy trail to return to the road.
If’n yer a glutton for punishment you can see my ultra hi-teck panorama shot of triple falls here. Be warned; you’d best have
some bandwidth, ’cause this puppy ain’t small.

Continuing on our journey we passed a house with four of those cheesy looking fake deer in the front yard. Then one turned to look at me.

My kingdom for better optical zoom!

The next day we headed out to find the fall that E-Rawk and I had hiked to the last time I’d been in this area. We stopped at a joint, ’cause we were lost, to get directions. This fellow was just hanging out there, smoking cigarettes and insulting tourists under his breath.

We figured it out, found the trailhead, and began the descent. Amanda; hikin’ fool getting her climb on.

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Paydirt! It’s running much stronger than last time we were here. I guess we ain’t gonna be findin’ no crawdads this go-round. Demanda’s all about the tripod and shootin’.

Slapped this puppy together from to seperate images. Pretty cool, no?
As an aside, big up to Mander for not freaking out too badly while I climbed around. Coupla years ago she woulda wet herself over some of the places I went. This time around she actually joined me for a few!

This’n didn’t turn out so great. Darn sun!

Lookin’ like a pro photog.

Ok… you ain’t so clever. Enough already!

This one’s taken while standing on a fallen tree, holding onto a thick wire strung across to keep folks from tumblin’ into the icy brine. Or something like that.

See? One’s a rope, the other’s the aforementioned wire.

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E-Rawk’s navigatin’ the treacherous pass.

Huntin’ for more picture taking vantage points.

Ummm… water.

I think we’ve been followed.

Part of the bottom of the fall.

From a distance, with a minor backpack obstruction.


I know we’re being followed…

Good stuff. This particular fall is near Caesars Head Park in South Carolina. Ask where the YMCA camp is; the trailhead begins near there.A good time was had; fo sho. I heartily recommend taking a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping as often as you can to check stuff out. It’s worth it!