Everglades FL


The Everglades: South Florida — November 8 – 15 2003

Mander and I headed down to South Florida to pay a visit to her grandfather, Julian, her great aunt, Fran, my sis, Cheri, and to get our camp on in the Everglades for a bit. The gods of weather, however, had other plans for us. After a beautiful weekend the rains came. And the wind. And, believe it or not, even a tornado. Oh yes, it was ugly. Our first trip down from Miami to the ‘glades culminated with finding the area where we were to set up camp submerged.
Needless to day, the camping didn’t happen. Being troopers that we are (“The bugle sounds and the charge begins!”), we made the most of the situation.

First off, family time. Jerry and Mel try to figure out what the hell is wrong with Fran’s car.

Fran’s not altogether sure these boys know what the hell they’re doin’.

Left to right… standing: Mel, Fran, Birdy. Seated: The man, the myth; Jerry, Mander.
Oh.. the car? Turns out it’s long-dead alarm system magically regained the power of theft deterrence, and engaged it’s once dormant starter kill. Thankfully a visit was paid by smart man Mark Epstein, and he unearthed the issue. So much for them jumper cables, guys!

From Frans we took off to visit my sis and The Boys. Cheri’s gonna take a pic of Demanda taking a pic of us.

Happy brother and sister. Awww…

Cheri and Demanda.

Quick! Inconvenience the neighbors! We need a group shot!