Clayton GA – Long Creek NC

Long Creek :: December 26-28 2003 Part 1

We rounded up the dogs and headed on up north to visit with E-Rawk over the holiday weekend. First stop; the Orr family homestead, where hospitality abounds and folks are so damn nice that they don’t get flustered when Ernie the Wookie gets it in his mind to take a shit right in front of the Christmas tree. With dawgs like that, who needs kids?
The next morning we headed out to E-Sheezy’s land to check out the progress on his new crib!

pic 3

The Love Nest! Awww yea! Things is comin’ along.

pic 4

That roof used to be part of a bigass chicken coop. Recycling at its finest.

pic 5

E-Wizzle and his buddy Michael survey the scene. Wizzle’s pretty sure that the new roof beats the ever-lovin’ crap out of the old tarp.
Right! Off to Aubrey’s crib. Aubrey is one of the folks givin’ E-Whassizzillizzle much appreciated assistance on the new abode.

pic 7

Aubrey gots cows. Mander love cows. Cows find Mander interesting.

pic 8

23 and 24 sneak in for a little powwow. They let us vegebletarians know that they’re goin’ over the wall tonite.

pic 14

25 doesn’t know if we can be trusted with this information.We can. Udderly.whew.

pic 14

Baby moo. I’d crack a joke about veal, but it wouldn’t be appropriate… as this calf is outside in the sun, and standing.
Eaters of the veal can kiss all of my ass.

pic 19

Woolyman coaxed the naive young girl ever closer…

pic 19

“Do you see the cow that stole your vehicle, Mrs. Grabowsky?”

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Long Creek :: December 26-28 2003 Part 2

pic 20

Aubrey’s girl Claudette axed Mander if she’d ever ridden a horse before. “No?! Well damn girl, lets go!”

pic 22

While they get the saddle cinched, lets take a gander over at Aubrey’s crib. He’s got a mack-daddylicious pond he and his son build behind his house. It’s fed by a spring that runs from further up the mountian. Very cool.

pic 24

The sun, she is going down.

pic 34

All aboard! Claudette leads Mander on her way. Claudette’s a champion rider, donchaknow.

pic 36

Mander passes my steed on her steed while other steeds look on in envy.

pic 40

Guadalupe is not amused.

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Long Creek :: December 26-28 2003 Part 3

pic 42

Here they come! That darn dog kept on bitin’ at my pantlegs, elbows and butt, tryin’ ta herd me.

pic 47

And only the staccato sound of cowboy boots on hardwood filled the air as the saloon fell silent. Word had it E-Wooly had ridden back into town.

pic 48

Giddy-up. Can I get a what? (what?)

pic 50

Back with his brethren.

pic 53

Tryin’ to scrub off the funk of city folk.

pic 55

It ain’t workin.

pic 58

Better? Ok.
Later we headed off to Dave’s old crib to spend the night. See, Dave wasn’t supposed to be there, as he was headed to Vermont. But, turns out he hadn’t finished movin’ out, so when we met up with him unexpectedly there. Fortuitious for him, as we shifted gears and spent the evening helpin’ him move his stuff into storage.

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Long Creek :: December 26-28 2003 Part 4

pic 59

Dave got this kickass camper shell for his truck, see, and it was used… and occupied by this tenacious mushroom that managed to survive the cleaning efforts.
Tenacious Mushroom!

pic 61

See? This is a camper shell with tricks up its sleeve.

pic 63

Check that shit out! I’m so jealous! It’s like a rollin’ condo! Supposedly that flat bit can hold up to 1000 pounds. Dave is obviously pleased with his purchase.

pic 64

And from the side… that shit is dope! Unfortunately the company that makes these went out of business a few years ago. Dave got a mad deal on this puppy; my internet searches have priced out used ones for around a grand.

pic 68

Gettin’ the tent back in is a little tricksy.

pic 69

How many half-drunk fellers does it take to collapse this thing? E-Razzizzle wonders if he can make a porta-tipi for his truck.

In the end we got a lot more done for Dave and his movin’ than we did for E-Rawk and his crib. Still, a very good time was had by all, and it was mighty fun gettin’ to hang out with Dave and Mark.