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England, Scotland, Wales :: October 06 – 25 2004Part 1

So what do smart people do when they’ve been out of work for months and months? Ya got me; I have no idea.
What I did, however, was go off to Europe to visit the family in England, check out Scotland with Friends, and take a tiny sidetrip into Wales just cuz it’s there. We’re off!

I so love to fly coach. Why does it seem like everyone has an airline hookup but me?

Distance to Destination? The Devil’s miles! Rawk!

Mander is much more chipper than I.
Right! So we made it to jolly old England without a hitch, and headed to Chris and Yvonne’s to take advantage of their extreme hospitality forthwith.

Where was this?

Mander, Jason Chris, Yvonne and I headed to Bodiam Castle in East Sussex. Here’s a shot outside looking in.

Amanda found the well. Drink up; it’s yummy!

You can see the holes for the joists that once held up the wooden floors throughout the castle.