Australia – Arrival to Canberra :: 12/29 – 12/31/2009 Part 01

AaaAAaand we’re off.

How many hours of movies can I watch?!

Approaching the end of the first leg.

AaaAAaand we’re off again. Prepare for the foreverflight.

Hi Hawaii! Hi Christmas Island!

Samoa! Can we stop for a bit plz?

Whew. What’s that I see up ahead?

Good gravy, it’s about time.

Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? At this point, who knows.

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Australia – Arrival to Canberra :: 12/29 – 12/31/2009 Part 02

Welcome to Australia. Look at our Subway and our Big Sheep.

Nothing like hitting the pool in the middle of winter… err… summer. Riley chillin’ with Megan.

This is Canberra – city of der future.

On a picnic. Elsa.

And her sister, Megan.

Checking out the pond, pantsless.


We’re the first to celebrate the New Year! W00t!!1one!

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Australia – Camping Time :: 01/01-01/03/2010 Part 03

Ready to head out to camp in our Rent a Wreck, the LAaaaAAazer.

Dirt road, super hottness, no air conditioning. Enjoy your dirtboogers tonight!

What’s this little house for?

Welcome to The Stables Tavern in Wee Jasper. They’ve got a Facebook page!

Want. Seriously.

Inside The Stables.

The river that runs through our campsite. Good stuff!

Holy cow, the one functional speaker in the LzzZZzzaaaAAzzer has an amp!

This’ll do.

Story time with Uncle Matt.

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Australia – Camping Time :: 01/01-01/03/2010 Part 04

Our neighbors and view. See that trar with the bull bars on the front? Australians love their trars, and they’ll put bull bars on anything.

Hello. Sulphur-crested Cockatoo.

Our campground – Grace Reserve on Wee Jasper Creek.

Let’s go someplace cool! Carey’s Cave.

Waiting patiently in the cave.


Inside Carey’s Cave.

Inside Carey’s Cave.

Kids exploring in the cave.

Inside Carey’s Cave.

Inside Carey’s Cave.

Through the top of the tent.

Fish voodoo.

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Australia – Camping Time :: 01/01-01/03/2010 Part 05


Big bearded dragon sunning hisself.

Riley meets beardie.

Awsum mailbox.

Back to the Tavern!

Open Wednesday-Sunday.

Busy day.


Above the bar.

Very scrubby in the outback.

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Australia – Canberra Botanic Garden and more :: 01/04-01/06/2010 Part 06

Dusty and beautiful.

The Larkin compound.

Funtime in the river. Noodlz and squirtguns and sun.

Aunt Claire and the attack of the Chilrenz.


Steely gaze.

Pretty bird. Pretty bird. Rose breasted cockatoo, or Galah.

My child has perished, and his tongue is pointing skyward.

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Australia – Canberra Botanic Garden and more :: 01/04-01/06/2010 Part 07

At the Canberra Botanic Garden, Elsa, Riley and Megan show you The Big Plant.

Gippsland water dragon.

North American Whitebelly.

Riley, Elsa and mom posing at the little fall.

Good lookin’.


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Australia – Canberra Botanic Garden and more :: 01/04-01/06/2010 Part 08

Too Artsy?

Cool, giant air plants.

Super sexy eastern water dragon.

Another handsome gippsland water dragon.

Fat and happy.


Awesome specimen of an eastern. Thick. By the way, these lovelies aren’t captives in the garden – they’re natives who choose to live there.

Megan teaches Riley cucumber teeth.

Found roos – lots of roos – out running near Matt and Claire’s place. Naturally the Uhmerikan had to get a camera and go all touristy. Other runners were not impressed by my giddy excitement.


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Australia – Canberra Botanic Garden and morePart 09

Stout. These ones could stand up taller than me. Eastern Greys. Adult males get up to 145 pounds!

Not a great pic, but look in the pouch of the larger one!

Rose breasted cockatoo, or Galah.

Crimson Rosellas.

More Sulphur-crested Cockatoos.

What does that to the tree?


The mighty Black Swan.

We are hippies.

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Australia – Tasmania :: 01/07-01/11 200 Part 10

Welcome to Hobart in Tasmania. Fillin’ the Britz up with all the gear.

We’re off!

Hungry Jack’s looks familiar.

Welcome to the Styx Valley, home of gigantic old growth trees and the world’s tallest flowering plants, Eucalyptus Regnans. We’re taxing the might Britz already.

The Big Tree.

Cool stuff to run on!

A tiny bit of The Big Tree.

Now this is forest.


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Australia – Tasmania :: 01/07-01/11 2010 Part 11




Very, very tall.

87 Meters tall, actually.

More mighty treez.

Off to the Styx river to find Charon!

Trekking with mommy.

Welcome to the Styx River.

Is that a water nymph?

Our trusty steed, the Britz!

Lonely tree is lonely.

How comfy.

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Australia – Tasmania :: 01/07-01/11 2010 Part 12

Welcome to Lake St Clair, Australia’s deepest lake, and the deepest lake in the world created by the action of glaciers. Our next camping spot.

Photo op!

Fellow Britzers!

‘Tis a mighty echidna, the only egg laying mammal other than the platypus.

Riley spots a wallaby.

Eating a sandwich in comfort.

Burned out tree.

Never missing a chance to chill.

Pademelon mom and youngster.

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Australia – Tasmania :: 01/07-01/11 2010 Part 13

Not so shy, these two.

Rocks to research.

Lots and lots of them.

Watch your step. We saw a large tiger at the side of the trail, but I didn’t get a picture.

Possum inna tree.

Possum inna chair. You don’t think someone’s feeding these guys, do you?

Riley makes a friend and explores a mighty stump.


Let me explain to you how expensive it is here…

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Australia – Tasmania :: 01/07-01/11 2010 Part 14

On the road again. Scrubby.

It’s hot. Time to go native.

Pretty. Beyond the buggy windscreen, that is.

Welcome to Freycinet, time for a run!

Hello Patrick.

Taking over for mom.

They’re serious. The walk down, and more importantly up, in this park is a killer.

We’re off!

How can you not want to go down there?


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Australia – Tasmania :: 01/07-01/11 2010 Part 15

We made it… and it is worth it.

Surfin’ kangaroo?

Kelp is serious stuff.

Very pretty sea stars hidden in there.


More sneaky stars.

There’s one!


Keep on truckin’.

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Australia – Tasmania :: 01/07-01/11 2010 Part 16

3 km – straight up. Hence the 1.5 hours.

Up up up…

Up up up up…

Dad’s pizza. This is the last pic from The Fateful Night. Late in the night,
Riley began projectile vomiting in the camper. I wound up outside with puke covered sheets,
surrounded by emboldened possums determined to take the delicious bedding from me. The night was terrible.
The morning was no better. We spent tons of money at the laundro washing everything we could and trying desperately
to air out the Britz. To make matters worse both of us were gurgly and nauseous, traveling in a foul smelling vehicle
on windy roads, for the next few days. Didn’t stop us!


Nice spot, anyway.



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Australia – Tasmania :: 01/07-01/11 2010 Part 17

The Sorrell Fruit Farm. Mom goes to pick yummies here. It’s hot here. HOT.

A Masked Lapwing.

Teh Intarwebz! Seriously, free ‘net isn’t here. McDonalds is one of the few places in Australia
that currently offers free, albeit slow, wireless access. As such every McD’s is packed with people
working on their laptops, drinking their shitty coffee.

It’s strange, having so much beach to yourself. America would never stand for this, and
would immediately litter the entire landscape with high rises and assholes.

A river feeding into the sea.

Portuguese Man o’ War, known here as Bluebottles, floating in the river.

It’s beautiful here. Beautiful and quiet.

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Australia – Tasmania :: 01/07-01/11 2010 Part 18

Pied Oystercatchers.

A different kind of woods.


What’s cookin’ in Devil’s Kitchen!

In his defense, he can’t read Australian.

Time for another hike!

The Kitchen’s down there. Way down there.

Looks rough.

And here’s how god made it.

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Australia – Tasmania :: 01/07-01/11 2010 Part 19


Time for some free range pizza!

Welcome to the Tessellated Pavement.

Flowers along the way.

Crazy, no?

Hello little anemone.

Lots of life here.

As the tide goes out the anemones close up into a ball and await the return of the sea.

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Australia – Tasmania :: 01/07-01/11 2010 Part 20

Anemones all tucked away.

Keep away from the chicks.

Exploring with mom.

No small driftwood here.

The forest meets the sea.


Right! Enough with the south. It’s time to go north. And go veg as well!

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Australia – Queensland – Cairns :: 01/15/2010 Part 21

Welcome to Cairns. We’re here for Daintree, Cape Tribulation, and of course the Great Barrier.
But first, this public pool that abuts the sea is awesome!

Pool on one side, ocean on the other.

From our hotel balcony. Those are all flying foxes. Thousands and thousands.

Our daytime view. This represents our poshest digs – and after one night, we’re gone. Good thing too, as Riley tried his best
to poop in their super fancy pool.

And we’re offagain!

The Cathedral Fig Tree. Titanic.


Almost everything in this rainforest has the capacity to cause you pain. Pokey leaves.

Picture me picture you.

The Australian Pelican.

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Australia – Queensland – Port Douglas :: 01/16-17/2010 Part 22

Welcome to Port Douglas.

Too hot to smile.

Green tree ants. Tenacious little guys. They’re all over the place.

Hello there little mantis.


Outside our latest digs. Aw yeah.

Night visitor.

Farmer’s market!

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Australia – Queensland – Port Douglas :: 01/16-17/2010 Part 23

This is where the Market is. Seriously.

Time to get on a ferry!

Rainforest walk.

You have to pay attention to everything here. Bitey guys living on the underside of leaves.

Disappointing perspective. These weavers are huge.

Wild Cassowary! The only shot we could get. We were so lucky to see one at all.

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Australia – Queensland – Port Douglas :: 01/16-17/2010 Part 24

That looks safe. Go for it.

Definitely stinger season.

“You wait here. I’ll check for crocs.”


That’s not from the sea. It’s that hot here.

Another night visitor – Old One Eye.

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Australia – Queensland – Great Barrier :: 01/17-18/2010 Part 25

Time to board a boat to the Great Barrier Reef!

Time to suit up to stave off those stingy jellies.

We’re here!

Under the sea…

Redbelly yellowtail fusilier. Poor fellow doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry.

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Australia – Queensland – Great Barrier :: 01/17-18/2010 Part 26

Someone needs to help me identifying fish. Hard on my Google-Fu.

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Australia – Queensland – Great Barrier :: 01/17-18/2010 Part 27

I know what that is.

Green sea turtle?


Onshore on the island.


Back in.

Giant clammy clam.

Back on the Sailaway for the ride home.

Goodbye island.

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Australia – Queensland – Port Douglas :: 01/18-19/2010 Part 28

The Dusky Moorhen.

Watch your step. Off to a sanctuary to check out more critters!

Heron – not sure which kind.


I need an Australian bird book.

This I know – Kookaburra.

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Australia – Queensland – Port Douglas :: 01/18-19/2010 Part 29

Not a bird. Obviously a male.

Another Australian Pelican.


Chillin’ croco.

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Australia – Queensland – Port Douglas :: 01/18-19/2010 Part 30

Stout fellow.

I remember these beauties! Tawny Frogmouth!

Cassowary up close.

Feeding roos.

And wallabies.

On the road again!

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Australia – Queensland – Port Douglas :: 01/18-19/2010 Part 31


Mommy spots a young water dragon.

Hunting for crocs.


More crazy trees.

Finally – tracks. Big tracks. Time to go!

Chill time with a new friend.

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Australia – Sydney :: 01/20-22/2010 Part 32

To Sydney! Here’s one of the views from atop our digs – the Sydney Harbour YHA at The Rocks.

The YHA is built on top of an archeological dig. There is Elsa, looking for Riley.

You know what that is.

And this – the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Fun with cousins.

Down there…

The dig.

Sydney harbor!

Welcome Manly Wharf.


The beach!

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Australia – Sydney :: 01/20-22/2010 Part 33

Hot, lazy ice cream break.

Good times! Megan, Elsa and Aunch Claire.

The beach on the other side – calmer.

Riley catches jellies washed up on the beach and carries them back to the water.

Go mommy go!

Contemplating yumnuts.

Pretty shady in the past.

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Australia – Sydney :: 01/20-22/2010 Part 34

Hunter S Thompson enjoys a chocolate croissant.

Obligatory bus tour of Sydney. Obligatory arty shot.

Megan decides it’s too hot upstairs, and heads inside to cover herself with wet wipes.
Riley is amused. She is not. Welcome to your future, son.

Fancy a roo burger?Me neither.

Not a bad shot, dude.

Off to the famous Bondi Beach, which appears to be Australia’s version of Jersey Shore.
Riley’s as impressed as I am.

Hangin’ with Uncle Matt!

Mom’s picking up delicious croissants.

Outside the YHA.

Cereal time.

One last shot.

And just like that – it’s over. The long journey home begins.
Once again thanks so much to Claire, Matt, Megan and Elsa for all their hospitality and
patience. We had a wonderful time!